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3 Cheers for Greek Beers!

Greek cuisine is loved throughout not only Greece but also the rest of the world. For some, the best way to enjoy a delicious meal is to pair it with a cool, refreshing beer. While the craft beer industry in Greece is certainly on the rise, large, big-name beers still dominate the market throughout the country.

Although I am by no means a beer expert, I thought it might be helpful to some to compile some information on Greek beer. Of course, internationally-recognized brands, like Heineken and Amstel, are also common in Greece. However, if you're interested in trying Greek beer, keep an eye out for the following popular brands:

  1. Alfa

Spelled either in English phonetic letters or in Greek, Alfa beer is one of the oldest Greek beer brands. Made with 100% Greek barley, it's commonly served in bottles, cans, and on tap throughout the country.

2. Fix Hellas

Ioannis Fix is the creator of the first Greek beer brand: Fix Hellas (Hellas means Greece). The Fix brewery was founded in 1864 and became Greece's first major brewery. The beer is a premium lager with softer flavors.

3. Mythos

Mythos beer is easily one of the most popular Greek beers, and one of the most exported Greek beers which means its loved around the world! The beer tastes of hops with just a small hint of citrus-y flavor. The beverage is a pale lager type beer and can be found in cans, bottles, and on tap.

4. Mamos

Mamos beer first began production under the direction of Greece's first certified brewer, Petros Mamos. Its origins are in Patras, and it is still brewed there today. The beverage is a pilsner which has a full-bodied taste.

5. Vergina

Founder Demetri Politopoulos' goal to create a 100% Greek beer, brewed in Greece by a company with Greek interests and all Greek ingredients came to life in when the independent brewer Macedonian Thrace Brewing Company started production of its signature beer, Vergina. The beer is light and refreshing. Still produced by an independent microbrewery, the company embodies the founder's belief that "when something is born, it starts out small and grows with love."

6. Eza

The name 'eza' is an acronym for the words Ελληνική Ζυθοποιία Αταλάντης (Hellenic Brewery of Atalántis). The company' logo is the Greek letter ζ (zeeta). The beer is a premium, full-bodied pilsner that is golden-blonde in color and, as per the company's website, pairs well with matured cheese, spicy chicken, and BBQ.

There are dozens of other Greek beers that did not make this list, as craft beers have become quite popular in Greece throughout recent years. Unique products that aim to encapsulate Greece, like beers from Santorini's 'The Donkey Brewery' and Corfu's 'Corfu Beer' cater to a market of people interested in exploring some of the regional tastes and preferences the country has to offer. If this is something you're interested in, I am happy to write more on this subject. So, which beer is your favorite? Have you seen or tried these brands before? Are there any Greek beers you wish you'd seen on this list? Let us know in the comments!


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