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Frappé All Day - The Perfect Greek Coffee

A Greek φραπέ (frappé) (often simply referred to as a "frappe" and pronounced "frah-PEH") is a well-known iced coffee beverage. It is a simple drink made with instant coffee, water, sugar (optional), ice, and sometimes milk. These are among the most popular choice in coffees in Greece, popular during the hot summer months and often enjoyed as a refreshing and caffeinated pick-me-up. Whether in the city or on the beach, there is nothing like enjoying a refreshing frappé; this is a must-try beverage when you're in Greece!

How frappé is made

Instant coffee, sugar (optional), and a small amount of water are blended or shaken together until a thick foam is made. This is typically done with either a frother or a shaker. Once the foam emerges, the foamy drink is poured into a glass along with ice cubes, cold water, and milk (optional). The beverage is usually enjoyed using a straw, as when the liquids are poured over the foam and the foam settles on top it may be bitter thus the drink is enjoyed from the bottom with the straw rather than by drinking it straight from the glass.

The frothy coffee layer on top and the blend of ice and coffee make it a light, satisfying, and cooling beverage. Of course, you can adjust the sweetness and strength of the coffee to suit your taste preferences. When the drink became popular, the Nescafé brand capitalized on its popularity and intensely marketed itself as the premier brand of instant coffees, thus gaining so much loyalty you may still hear the drink referred to as a Nescafé frappé. The Nescafé logo is synonymous with the drink:

How to order your frappé

There are primarily three ways to enjoy a frappé:

  1. Plain (Sketo)

Sketo means the drink doesn't have any added sugar or milk. It will have a more bitter or strong coffee taste.

2. Medium (Metrio)

A medium frappé will not be as strong as the sketo one. It will have some sugar, but not enough to be overpowering, the taste is more balanced.

3. Sweet (Glyko)

If you order a frappé glyko, you should expect it to taste sweet.

Frappé Culture

Frappés are most often enjoyed leisurely and in the company of others. This drink is representative of the coffee culture present throughout every corner of Greece. Most times, it is not about the drink itself, but rather about the company the coffee is enjoyed with and the social ritual of relishing in each sip. Greek frappe culture is about more than just coffee; it's about socializing, relaxing, and savoring life's simple and special moments. Whether you're in a bustling city or a quiet village, you're almost guaranteed to encounter frappé culture and the warm hospitality that comes with it when visiting Greece.


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