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Love in Ελληνικά: Sweetheart Terms to Make Your Valentine's Day Extra Special!

Is your other half Greek and would you be keen to find out a few Greek words for love to use with them? Are you interested in learning more about expressing love to someone Greek? Well, look no further - here are four simple terms of endearment in the Greek language that are sure to make your Valentine's Day extra sweet:

Αγάπη μου / Agapi moo

Literally translated as "my love," in my opinion, something about this term just sounds better in Greek. This phrase can also be used in a non-romantic way between friends or family members to express love.

Καρδιά μου / kardiá moo

Referring to someone as "my heart," you are expressing how important this person is to you. How special is that?

Ψυχή μου / Psi-hee moo

I don't think it gets any more intimate than referring to someone you love dearly as "my soul"... what a beautiful way to show someone love!


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