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Prassonisi: Where the Mediterranean Meets the Aegean

Are you a beach lover? Does the ocean make you feel at home? What if I told you that there is an incredible place where two oceans come together and that you can see the exact spot where they begin to mix? Prassonisi (also spelled Prasonisi), located at the southernmost tip of the island of Rhodes, Greece, is the spot where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean Sea and it is a must-visit spot if you are visiting Rhodes island. Known as "the green island," what's interesting about this particular spot is that, depending on the season/water conditions, it is either an island or a peninsula connected to Rhodes. When water levels are low, there is a long, sandy strip of land that connects the small island to greater Rhodes. When tides are high, however, it's not possible to get to the smaller island without a boat or water vehicle. At the very end of Prassonisi, there is a lighthouse where you can visit and observe the seas colliding together. What an incredible phenomenon! In the below photo, you can see my mom and me standing at the spot where the two oceans start to collide over the long, sandy strip of land. Notice the different shades of blue to my right and to my left indicating the two different seas. Have you ever stood between two seas?

The spot is most popular for water and wind sports such as surfing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing/windboarding. This is because the spot is incredibly windy, thus providing an ideal spot for such activities. I've never done any of these activities, but I hope to one day when I have more time to spend in Prassonisi. For now, I always enjoy watching others flying high in between the two seas.

Prassonisi is a wonderful place to visit because of this one-of-a-kind phenomenon. After all, when else can you take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea and then, seconds later, simply step across the sand strip and jump into the Aegean? If you plan to visit in the summer months (May-September), I will warn you it is extremely windy so hold on to your beach hats! If you aren't into water activities, you can still walk around the peninsula and island by foot and take in the views. Walking up the hill will enable you to have a great view of the "kiss of two seas."

If you're staying in the Old Town or anywhere near Rhodes city at the northernmost tip of the island, it's about a 2-2.5 hour drive depending on traffic conditions (see map below for reference). If you're staying in Lindos, it's much closer. Have you ever visited this lovely beach?


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