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Some of my favourite eats in Kastoriá

Explore some of the best eats in this scenic, lakeside city whose beauty will most certainly capture your heart.

If there is one thing I look forward to when I visit Kastoriá, it's the people. The population is warm and inviting, always ready to welcome you to their little corner of Greece. Despite how lovely the residents are, the food is also something I look forward to as it never disappoints. Here are a couple of tried and true places I recommend you try out if you get the chance while you're in town. As a friendly reminder, this is not sponsored in any way, shape, or form.

1. San Allote Athanasiou Diakou 12, Kastoria 521 00

San Allote is a small breakfast stop near the municipal parking lot that serves drinks and a daily selection of freshly-made, hand-rolled bougatsa in a variety of flavours that change each day.

If you've never had homemade bougatsa, all I can say to you is that you should be running to this place to taste theirs. It's crispy, flavourful, and goes perfectly with a fresh coffee... my mouth is watering just thinking about it. This is a great place to start your day. The people who own and run the restaurant are wonderful and always welcome us each time we visit.

2. En Kairw Meg. Alexandrou 139, Kastoria 521 00

If you're craving something traditional that's made well, chances are En Kairw has it on their menu. This restaurant, which has incredible views of Lake Orestiada, serves a wide variety of traditional Greek foods with plenty vegetarian and vegan options available. I've visited here countless times and have never had a bad meal. Considering the portions you receive, the prices are also reasonable. Another cool aspect of this restaurant is the decor, which includes stylistic elements that take you back to the 1950's era with bright colours and retro Coca-Cola advertisements.

3. Senior Pizza Εμπορικό Κέντρο Καστοριάς, 46, Athanasiou Diakou 44, Kastoria 521 00

My favourite pizza in Greece! You might not think of pizza immediately as something you'd want to dine on when visiting Greece, but don't let that mindset prevent you from stopping by Senior Pizza, which has a couple of locations around the city and also does delivery. They have a good amount of options for their pizza toppings, my favourite being the Mexican one, and their pizza is delicious! It's not thin crust, but rather a hearty and filling crust that pairs perfectly with the toppings. It's worth a try for sure, especially if you need to feed a lot of people at once or if you're looking for something quick. Fun fact: I enjoy their pizza so much this was the meal I ate for dinner the night before my wedding (pictured above)!

4. Allotino Leof. Kiknon 30, Kastoria 521 00

A classic restaurant with everything you'd expect for Greek dishes in a lakeside Greek town. Allotino is a lovely place to go where you know you'll always be able to find tasty Greek food. I love that they start off serving you with a basket of fresh bread to set the tone for the meal. While their menu is not as extensive as En Kairw, they still serve plenty of options that give a delicious welcome into the world of Greek cuisine.

5. Το Kellari Αμπελόκηποι 520 57

A beautiful, more formal dining experience with exquisitely prepared and presented dishes sure to satisfy your taste buds. I'm not going to go on and on about how delicious and high-quality the food is at Ktima Kellari, but believe me when I say that the food is incredibly tasty, well-prepared and presented, and served in a beautiful atmosphere. Located outside of the main city area in Kastoria, this is an establishment where you should expect more a formal dining experience; they have a beautiful premises with indoor and outdoor patio seating as well as an events hall in the back for wedding receptions and baptism celebrations etc.


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