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Tiganiá is a classic Greek dish made of pan-fried pork. The name "tigania" actually refers to the shallow pan or skillet (τυγάνι) in which the dish is typically cooked. It's a simple yet delicious recipe that highlights the flavors of pork, fresh herbs, and aromatics.

In Greece this dish is prepared with pork neck, but you can use other pieces at your convenience. Some also prepare this dish with chicken in the same way, but in my experience it is most commonly served with pork (although both ways are delicious in my opinion). The dish can be served as a main meal accompanied with rice or vegetables, but is most commonly seen as a 'mezze' served with a variety of other appetizers or 'mezethes' before the main dish/main meal is served.

Tigania is a versatile dish, and variations exist across different regions in Greece. Some versions might include additional ingredients like tomatoes, peppers, leek, or other spices, depending on personal preferences and regional variations. In fact, in Crete, the dish is commonly known as "foukaki".

Overall, while Tigania follows a basic recipe consisting of pork cooked in a skillet with herbs and spices, the specific variations and unique touches added by different regions or households contribute to the diverse flavors and presentations found across Greece. Exploring these regional variations can provide an exciting culinary journey through the rich tapestry of Greek cuisine. Adjust the seasonings and flavors according to your taste, and enjoy this delicious Greek pork dish! Let me know if you are interested in a recipe.


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